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It's beggining to look a lot like....

The storm was coming, so we scrambled to get the Christmas lights up and on before the snow started to fall! 

December 02, 2019
First Signs of Christmas

At one of our favorite places in the Elmwood Village for dinner with friends.  Starting to look a bit like Christmas…. Hoping for a bundle of joy to make this a holiday season to... Read more

December 02, 2019
Thanksgiving evening

After spending the entire day with family, we were able to sneak away for a quiet moment and warm up by the fire! 

December 02, 2019
Saturday morning Perks!

Jeff and I spent our spent our Saturday morning at Remedy House with another adoptive couple chatting it up over good conversation and a hot cup of coffee on a feeezing fall Saturday!  It's always nice to enjoy and show support with other adoptive families! 

November 17, 2019
It’s Fall - Apple Picking and Pie Season

Today we took a stab at using our new apple corer and baking an apple pie for a family dinner!  3lbs of apples and 1.5 hours later it was a success….  The jury is still out on the taste test…. check back for the results!!    

October 30, 2019
Chautauqua Weekend Getaway

Last weekend we took a trip to the Southern Tier for a little weekend getaway of relaxing and kayaking to celebrate the end of summer!  It was a little cold and breezy, but we managed to sneak in a few hours on the water... Read more

October 22, 2019
Jeff visits Marc on a work trip!

Every once in a while ur schedules work out just right and Jeff can drive out (or fly out) to meet Marc on an overnight trip for a mini vacation.  The last week of July, Jeff drove to Cleveland to enjoy 2 days of summer and waterfront fun....  Jeff even took me to my very first MLB game!  (hope you're a Indians or Astros fan)! Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame..... Progressive Field - Indians vs Astros..... Downtown Cleveland........ Read more

August 19, 2019
Setting up the Nursery

Over the past few weeks Jeff's vision of the nursery has taken shape.  Not knowing gender hasn't stopped us from the excitment of setting up a nursery.  The furniture finally came in... We followed all the instructions and put the crib together....  Then we painted, wall-papered, and set it all up.... We cannot wait until we are selected by a birthmother so we can add all the finishing touches and welcome a... Read more

August 19, 2019